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Great place to look up scammers/telemarketers/debt collectors.The only people who complain are the ones that are being reported.

Of course 800notes can't stop these scammers from harassing us on our landlines and cell phones. NO ONE CAN!! It's just a "database" of numbers we have to block. What a sorry state of affairs in this country when we can't answer the phones we pay for without being harassed by low life scumbags who are calling us either from overseas or from prison.

I only answer my phone if the name and number on caller ID is in my contact list.If it is not, that's what I use 800notes for - to see what new number I have to block.

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Yes it's a great site if you don't mind being called names and being treated as such by the admins, so transparent these fake posters.You cannot use your bully tactics here, no one is going to remove posts for you here.

Other than seeing if there is posts on a phone number, the site is a waste, the DNC list does not work, there is no legitimate callers anymore, and that is used so often by the regulars like there actually giving useful info, like the majority of people have just crawled out from under a rock and never heard of the DNC.

Telling someone to share there number for the Government to sell is seriously bad advice.

But if someone who is legit has some real good info to share, the regulars will tear it down and get the post removed.

What a JOKE that place is.Never seen a site like it that treats people like dirt bags.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1342716

Its those scammers and trolls that are given a hard time there, not the people who come to seek help or post a genuine report of an unwanted call. Its a shame to see that trolls still come here to discredit a good site that is only allowing people to share their horrible unwanted caller experiences.


Your joking right!The place is filled with employees pretending to be regular posters and they get off on insulting people in a HUGE way.

This is a very nasty place and should be shut down. I tell everyone and word is spreading about how you will be treated there. What a bunch of WACK JOBS!

Who would want to destroy there own site?What's the agenda for that?

to BH New York, New York, United States #1342717

All those who help others are volunteers who spend their free time to help and *** out the bad people who try disrupting the site with phony information to confuse people about the legitimacy of scams.

Its the trolls who constantly go around posting discrediting lies about the site's volunteers, because they are the ones who get challenged and posts removed for TOS violations. They will always blame others when they can't continue to troll somewhere.


Mike's apology was indeed accepted as genuine. Keep up the good work.

to OwnerAdmin Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1341575

Lots of false information.Not a database but a data dump.




to OwnerAdmin New York, New York, United States #1342718

Thank you.


Thanks to that site I learned the "yes scam' is just a hoax and won't be afraid to answer yes if someone has a bad connection and asks if I can hear ok.

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