I was being harassed by a debt collector who was after a person I'd never heard of. Telling them they had the wrong number did not good because they just kept calling.

As quickly as I blocked one number that's as quickly as they switched to another. They would never give me their name or address so I could not even send a cease and desist letter. Thank god for 800 notes. Others posted under the same numbers and I was eventually able to find out the name of this unscrupulous company.

I had a lawyer send them a letter and file a suit against them. I didn't get much but thanks to 800notes, I got something and they stopped bothering me.

I think this site is wonderful and complaints are usually from scamers and others who hide their identity because of their unethical, often illegal calls. 800notes rocks.

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Glad to see a person write something positive here about 800 notes instead of the few trolls and idiots I have seen reviews from about the website. 800 notes has helped me tremendously in the past, and is always my go-to site for info about unknown callers.

I also post comments there myself if I have info about callers that possibly others don't have. You're right: 800 notes DOES rock!


I use 800 notes all the time, to look up numbers and I contribute to the site as well.

Longwood, Florida, United States #894348

I always post unwanted ans scam numbers on 800 notes and have never had a negitive experiance with them.

I think it is worth putting your issues out there to benifit the geral public.

Thank you 800 notes

to Tim1 Longwood, Florida, United States #894350


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