800notes.com is a great place to go to look up phone numbers and write something about the number. The unwanted callers leave people frustrated and annoyed, so where can one go to vent about it.

800notes of course! People have been telling stories for years there and it has attracted crowds of people to play games there, one such favorite is the Shill game, where you go and pretend your a scammer or business owner and you defend the phone number from people reporting it as a scammer or shady business. The "Gang" will then try to outwit you in an effort to 'expose' you as either a debt collector, scammer or some shyster out to trick people out of money by phone solicitations. Its an interesting game for those tired of the phone ringing , only to find its someone out to sell you something or scam you .

You can take sides too and join in with the gang as they bully the bad guys or simply make up a story about your phone call and play a victim of a scam or shady business dealing. Its not really a reliable place for actually finding out who called, but there are some people who do think it is and have made genuine unwanted call reports. It adds to the fun!

You don't need to register to play, but that does add to the fun if your playing as one of the 'Gang' and want to tag up on a bad guy! Click the images for a preview......

Product or Service Mentioned: 800notes Website.

Reason of review: Great stress reliever.

I liked: Playing the your a shill game, Ability to make up stories, Drama.

  • Shill Attack
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Houston, Texas, United States #1290340

We want to know, is it true that in the navy, they have sea men on the *** deck?

to Trednot Houston, Texas, United States #1290395

Is it true deleted has a dump in his drawers?

to ChrisPike Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1291998

You are a disgusting person and should not be allowed to represent 800notes, do they approve of such filth from their staff?

Bristol, New Hampshire, United States #1280711

Thats some descriptive review and is probably what its all about too. :grin


Good guys vs bad guys. Trolls vs shills.

BS vs stalkers.

Scam vs victim. Just as in your post with comments you type and speak just like the 800notes trolls stalking these pages on PC!

to Sammie Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States #1277500

What kind of drugs are you on? Try READING the review, then UNDERSTAND what is being said, then try again.

to Jimmie #1279827

You have to be one of the 800notes trolls working PC because you're much to sensitive about being called out! 800note trolls always have to have the last word also.

to Jimtu Sunnyvale, California, United States #1280058

Why do you "think" I have to be one of those losers from 800notes? Those punk bullies are nothing but a bunch of chumps with nothing better to do than try controlling that website for their own self entertainment.

Nobody "called me out" (what does that even mean?) because I can hold my own in any situation. The ONLY way the 'punks' from there get the last word in is by removing someones post because they can't hold a serious discussion without misdirecting the discussion to some off the wall topic and make insulting comments.

But it has been my observation that those who were kicked out tend to be the ones who "hang around" and try playing from both sides of the fence....like you are doing! Phishing is NOT one of your strengths, is it?

to Jimtu Sunnyvale, California, United States #1280062

Another thing, READ and UNDERSTAND the review, its not difficult to see the sarcasm built into it......oh and don't let the 'location' fool you into thinking thats where i'm actually at, I use OpenVPN and it changes constantly.

Thats another thing those dummies from 800notes don't seem to understand either.

They rely on observing IP's by tracking visitors and only make poor decisions based on that as their sole method of identifying a 'troll'. Its no wonder its over run with them playing games.

to Jimtu Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1280083

You got 'outed' and your attempting to 'call someone out', what a tard! Stop your :cry and go do a crossword puzzle, watch the Discovery Channel, play with yourself or maybe go outside and get some sun, your looking pasty!

to Jimtu #1280559

You got that Jimmie doing the parrot with his squawkin' and squeakin' !

to Jimtu Seattle, Washington, United States #1280674

Your STILL here posting junk... :roll

to Jimtu Chicago, Illinois, United States #1280681

So, "Stew or Jimtu", did you get a nice stiffy over your posts?

to Jimtu #1280793

You could be right about the barnyard/parrot sounds and smells from the 800aux/800notes trolls working PC.

to Jimtu Stevenage, Hertford, United Kingdom #1282308

Don't believe the lies being posted here. These is lies, lies, lies.

Tred tried to help Deleted and his "wrecking crew", but they were just using him and kicked him out of the club they have.

Tred has a brain, so he was a threat to Deleted. Deleted was jealous and banned him from the "secret forum" they have

to Jimtu Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #1282590

Spreading mis-information wont work silly! We already know the story.

to Jimtu #1290367

Hey! U got "TheBirdman" who goes by the name ShillKill' doing some barnyard smell thoughts but also doing that Bird squawkin and screechin" here on PC.

Just another low class act from 800notes/800aux. BigA-RustyMcNuggets, Yoda1725 can't be far behind!

Palo Alto, California, United States #1276496

You have really put things into perspective! I thought it was strange to see people called shill in some numbers I reported about and didn't understand what it was about, but I get it now.


Now the voting thing makes sense. Always wondered about that.

So its continued here too, as stalkers? I see some names from here as in the previews.

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