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Many of these complaints are issued here by the same handful of individuals using different names. It's pretty easy to figure out when simply reviewing the verbiage detailed within most of the complaints. They contain the same usage of words, same phrases and of course the inclusion of complaints / attacks on volunteer moderators. Most are quite specific in singling out the moderators who do nothing, but assist scam victims who are coming to 800Notes for factual information.

Let's clarify something. NONE of the moderators are paid to assist. 99.99% of these volunteer moderators initially came to the site as victims themselves. Much like volunteers in other areas of life, they choose by their own free will to pick up the cause, help educate and inform others with problems they themselves have experienced in the past and pay forward. These moderators also assist by reporting and cleaning up posts which do not meet the site's TOS and are either misleading, fictional, threatening and even full of filthy language.

Many times the scammers utilize voip systems to spoof legit telephone numbers in the potential victim's area code and prefix for realism in order to threaten, mislead and create a sense of anxiety to pressure potential victims into paying hard earned money immediately. Just as they deceive by way of phone call, 800Notes has become such a useful tool for potential scam victims that the scammers themselves with look up the numbers they are spoofing and leave false, misleading and threatening posts.

Yes, from businesses right down to non-profit organizations, there will always be legitimate complaints by those who have had a bad experience. But as an advocate and frequent user of 800Notes I am honestly tired of seeing complaints that are blatent posts, not by potential scam victims that have happened by 800Notes after punching in a number, but by the scammers themselves. These individuals are former moderators and former frequent users who feel slighted after repeatedly breaking the site's TOS, using offensive launguage and spewing false information.

If 800Notes is such a terrible site then explain why many police forces across the United States and Canada as well as legitimate law offices serving scam victims will make reference to and share on social media and their websites linking to reported scam call numbers listed on 800Notes?

I for one will continue to frequent 800Notes. As for the most of the complaints posted by obvious scammers and slighted former volunteer moderators and users, they are easily spotted if you try and I'll ignore their spiteful agenda.

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