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I see from reading the reviews here that I'm not the first person to cross paths with "BigA", who apparently is a well-known troll masquerading as a registered member. A couple of days ago I posted a truthful comment on 800 Notes about a call I received from Wells Fargo Collections.

No sooner had I posted my comment than "BigA(hole)" publicly libeled me by accusing me of bouncing checks. He also said that I'd opened myself up to criminal charges for allegedly bouncing checks. Every single reply I've posted to this idiot's false accusations has been deleted within a matter of minutes. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after reading the reviews of 800 Notes on this board, but it still *** me off that I wasn't even allowed to post my reply to BigA's unfounded accusations.

The truth is that I didn't bounce any checks; I had a couple of ACH payments that posted to my account because I was too late to cancel them. If BigA(hole) thinks that Wells Fargo is going to file criminal charges against me for a whopping $125.00 overdraft after I've been a loyal customer for nearly 25 years, he's living in a fantasy world. I think he needs to get out of his mother's basement and find a new hobby. I've been an unregistered contributor to 800 Notes for years now and posted lots of useful information, but the registered members like BigA and the other trolls mentioned here have ruined what was once a useful site with their cyber bullying.

Too bad the owners of 800 Notes have allowed themselves to be bribed by registered members so they can post libelous statements in a public forum. I hope their troll infested site crashes and burns.

Product or Service Mentioned: 800notes Website.

I didn't like: Sewage dump the site has become, Assumptions made with little information, Cyber-bully registered users, Egomaniacs.

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  • Censorship
  • Too Much Garbage Information
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