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If you are considering advertising on Julia Forte's website, DON'T. Julia Forte may steal your money.

I paid Julia Forte of in Holly Springs North Carolina a considerable sum of money for a banner ad on her website and a link to my website. After I paid her I did not hear from her once she got the money. My ad never went up on her website and I never got any traffic to mine through hers.

Finally after weeks of trying to contact Julia with no response I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges. Right when I did that my ad magically appeared on, at least long enough for her to show that to the credit card company. Unfortunately I had no real way of proving that it wasn't up the weeks before that like it was supposed to be.

Once Julia Forte won the charge back I never saw my ad on the website again and my website still never got any traffic from it. is a complete rip-off, scam and I strongly advise you stay away from it. It is ironic that Julia Forte created this website to stop scammers when she is a complete scammer herself.

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800notes.....its an over-run troll infestation and the Trolls are now running it as CyberBullies. The whole website is just a show for advertisements and they toss around some links to places to get real help from scammers and debt collectors.

The newest News on that site is dated 2013 and Articles are from 2007.

Half the links they spam in every thread are also outdated.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1261886

800notes is pathetic. don't waste your time.

to jp New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1262498

What do your posts have to do with this thread?

to Anonymous #1262703

..about as much as yours does..... :))


No money was stolen as the ads are generated RANDOMLY-this post is fake as can be. You probably actually tried to advertise with a post in the number threads and it got taken down. You're fooling no one


There is a way to prove or disprove and that would be by getting the data from the hosting and not relying on her to provide it.

You had a good court case and also it could have been criminal.


Jeez, I'm sorry that your ad was not put up when you wanted it to be, but 800 notes has been an extremely helpful website for me and was there when I needed info about a potential scam caller. It has saved my butt more than once. So under the circumstances, I'm not too concerned about your banner ad!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #972484


This was posted by "AchingSteve" on May 01, 2011, who joined on May 01, 2011, and was last seen on May 01, 2011.

So, he didn't even care enough to come back and read the comments.

Looks like a hit-and-run to me.

Besides, even if it IS true, it would be good reason not to buy an ad, but it has no effect on the usefulness of the site to help identify unknown callers.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #907891

I take your complaint to be a positive statement about 800notes. They took your money and posted your banner. That's an honest business.

New York, New York, United States #870197

scammers always try to stop other scammers so that their business does not go in loss...

San Diego, California, United States #744246

I think that 800notes is a great site although I have never purchased advertising with them. In fact, I wrote a positive review about them on my blog. Just google my username to read it.


What we have here is a disgruntled scammer who was exposed on 800notes.

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