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I you have time to waste & are looking to vent go to 800 notes. Why do i say this?

Because the sad fact is that reporting scams/scammers to 800notes does nothing to stop the scammers. 800 notes is just a site where people tell their stories ( true & false) and no one at 800 notes validates their accuracy &/or validity. Nor does 800notes take action against the scammers to stop them! Again, I ask you - "Why then are you wasting your time unless you have lots of time waste?

About the only thing you gain is possibly knowing someone else received the same call and then reporting that you got the same call. You have no idea if the number was spoofed or not and since 800notes does nothing to put a stop to scammers, why are you wasting your time? I can't think of one really good reason. Can you?

Please post if i am missing something. *800notes DOES NOT DO anything to stop Scammers or unwanted callers! *800Notes PRIMARY GOAL IS TO SELL AD SPACE TO CREATE REVENUE! *800notes sells advertising space on their site to target those who visit!

It's simple - do not pick up any call you do not recognize. If someone needs to speak with you they will leave you a message. If they leave a message then "maybe" they are legitimate .. but even many of these calls are scammers.

Sadly, picking up the phone alerts the scammers, thieves and law breakers that your number has a "Live" person aka "target" behind the number. So, best practice is not answer unknown calls and if someone does leave a message be very skeptical. If you do decide to call them do so only after reading the FTC GOV article "10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud" & "Phone Scams". LETS STOP THE SCAMMERS & CRIMINALS & NOT JUST TALK/WRITE ABOUT IT ON A WEBSITE THAT DOES NOTHING TO STOP SCAMMERS!

Tip for consumers: 800notes does nothing to report or stop the scammers/criminals to authorities or telephone service providers .

Can you image if you went to the police & reported a scammer/criminal & they said sorry we just collect information but don't do anything to stop them! LETS STOP THE SCAMMERS & CRIMINALS & NOT JUST TALK/WRITE ABOUT IT ON A WEB SITE THAT DOES NOTHING BUT COLLECT INFORMATION AND SELL AD SPACE.

Product or Service Mentioned: 800notes Website.


I didn't like: Writes their own reports and comments to them, No interest in understanding, Moderators do not follow their own tos rules, Cyber-bully registered users, Wasting my time since nothing is done to stop the scammers.

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Do you even know what that site is for, where did you get the idea they stop scammers or that your complaining here would stop them? If you want to stop callers, get a call blocker!


Is this a review or a rally call incite a protest against them?

What exactly is it your asking us to do here, sounds like you have a serious gripe with this website!

What does that mean, no one validates stories? Did anyone validate your story here?

If you think its a waste of time going there, then why keep going there? Don't tell me how I should spend my time based on how you waste yours!

Its a discussion board, so what does that even mean, "NOT JUST TALK/WRITE ABOUT IT ON A WEB SITE"??

What did you mean about imagining going to the police and reporting a crime?

I don't see your connection between a discussion board and a police station.

People share their unwanted call experiences, not report crimes to the police there. I think your "review" is a cry for help, but you should be going to a medial or therapy group website to get help with a personal problem.


Wow, you sure put a lot of effort to tell about your opinion of a website where people just share their phone experiences. You must go there a lot, but if thats the case, why do you keep going back to a site you feel isn't for you?

I really don't know what it is your review is about, other than the fact you keep visiting a website you don't seem to like. To each his own I guess.


Original Poster,

Not sure why you think 800 Notes can do to stop these scammers in their tracks. The website is there for others to share information about phone calls they received.

It is impossible for the website to know who you are let alone know who called you or why they called. Phone numbers are spoofed making it harder to track down scammers. How can they report scammers or even stop them? I do not understand your logic here.

As to the bullying, some of the registered users (regulars) do that.

However, not all registered users are bullies. There are trolls and shills littering the site with garbage. That website is not a waste of tme and I research unknown numbers that call me. Sometimes there is information there and sometimes not.

I do not expect 800 Notes to stop nuisance calls.

I use common sense and a call blocker. That website is not so e consumer protection agency.

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