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The registered users @ are bullies who only post to entertain themselves and occasionally toss in some important info, self-justifying for posting at all. Instead of clearing out unwanted posts, they would rather bait people into an argument so they can each take turns marking your post with negative likes [-1] at the same time pat each other on the butt with a [+1], all the while the thread fills up with useless garbage , mostly from them.

I even seen Sir Bedevere lie about why they didnt remove a fake post when asked, saying it wasnt a TOS violation, when in fact it was pointed out the specifics of the violation. He just removed that post, leaving his to show with his reason its wasnt a violation. Then on top of that he removed a post of the guy who questioned him and that guy didn't violate any TOS.

Slim is the main troublemaker, baiting people into posting by grilling them with questions to make them prove their reasoning of their post, then discredit anything they say, so his buddies have a reason to troll the thread. They challenge anyone who asks a question and gangs up on them. When they are shown they were wrong about something, they simply remove your post into a PPMA ("Pending Post Moderation Approval"), which is never approved.

The site is littered with PPMA, along with registered members posts heckling suspected troll/Shills, many of which they baited. There are also posts of them making fun of how people spell, why they responded to an older post, etc. Its understandable any message board needs to ensure trolling and spamming are monitored, but they act suspicious of anyone posting who responds to a reply made by them to the Original Poster. If you even remotely sound like your against them or their motives, your post is removed by PPMA. The site isnt even creditable with many numbers, since they dont challenge short story responses. Many trolls/shills take advantage of this and post nonsense stories , where some are challenged, but not removed because the registered users would be able to leave their own heckling posts without looking foolish. So its sometimes difficult to even find if a number has good information about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: 800notes Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Abusive registered users, Cyber-bully registered users, Assumptions made with little information, No interest in understanding, Know it all behavior.

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They are good at using the TOS as a reason for deleting someones post, even though most of the posts removed never violated it. If they didn't like what you said, they just put it in moderation *** and nobody ever re-instates it once its there.

Look around the site to see the many ppma and you will find so many of them replying to posts that no longer exist. Ask yourself, why are theirs still visible if whomever they replied to isn't there anymore?

to 800TROLLS #1247848

*** = q-u-e-u-e I dont know why it got filtered?

Naples, Florida, United States #1229348

I agree 100% - why does a site where people share information need moderators? let alone moderators that bully those contributing information.

I find it interesting that none of the supporters of are able to answer any of the questions posed to them on this page or on any of the other pages where people have had a negative experience.

Instead the supporters of do nothing more that attack the person posting the questions or negative reviews.

I feel sorry for these people whose clearly are social outcasts in "real life" and only social interaction is via the internet.

Sacramento, California, United States #1227499

Yet, another idiotic and useless post by yet another troll. This whiny troll has repeatedly posted the same drivel at pissedconsumer in the recent past! Any who read their so-called "review" should then disregard it asap as it is useless!

to Anonymous #1227529

Are you expecting anything less?

to Anonymous Durham, North Carolina, United States #1227619

Why is the post idiotic and useless?

Why do you call them a troll?

Are people not allow to express their experience?

Could it be that the users experience it true?

Are you a moderator at 800notes?

to StopBullies #1227623

I've been on the site and have seen the issues going on there-the ONLY reason for someone to rant about getting 'PPMA' is if the posts in question were so-there are a LOT of trolls on that site and many posts that do not belong. There is a difference between expressing your opinion and ranting because your troll posts got removed.

to StopBullies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1227693

Thats a big yes, it is a moderator from 800notes attempting to "spin" suspicion away from the site. Just read on as he rants like the troll he "claims" everyone else is there.

to StopBullies #1228533

Is that all you can do is ask inane questions?

Why do you come here and whine and complain?

Why don't you learn a bit more about trolls and shills?

Are you so lonely that you live on this site and sit in judgement of others?

Why do you pretend to know so much about 800notes when in reality you do not?

to StopBullies #1228568

To Notamod .... .

Its pretty clear to me who is 'living' here as you say and its sad to read these reviews of people who had a bad experience at that site, only to have mods/users from there come and 'reinforce' the legitimacy of the reviews.

Doing exactly as the the reviewer has claimed, that they are 'grilled' with questions to prove themselves.

. . .

. .


Your not doing that site any favors by posting negativity about the reviewers, in the manner in which seems to be a trend from there.

to StopBullies #1229792


In response to my questions, you = “Notamod” asked questions, but provided no Answers.

I will respond your questions…

You asked

Q1: Is that all you can do is ask inane questions?

A1: The questions I asked do make sense, are to the point & are not silly or insignificant. Can you please explain why the questions are inane? Your use of the word “inane” demonstrates you don't understand the word inane, how to use it, and your overall response shows you’re unable or unwilling to answer the questions in a mature manner. Instead of answering you chose to criticize the question & person in the form of a question.

Q2: Why do you come here and whine and complain? A2: The questions do not reflect whining or complaining. If you read the questions and have more than a 6th grade reading comprehension you would understand this. I did seek understanding receive a mature response to my questions.

Yet, instead of answering the question you attack the person asking the questions - immature behavior & a tactic bully’s use. Q3: Why don't you learn a bit more about trolls and shills? A3: Here is a brief summary of what I know. An Internet TROLL is a highly dysfunctional online user who targets others using harassment, defamation, deception, cyberstalking, disinformation, extortion, duplicity and cyberbullying.

Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, or attacking someone that posts “statements &/or questions” the Troll does not like. They behave this way because they gain a sense of power & control and allows them to remain anonymous. Wikipedia definition = "Someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing, confidence games, or other business areas.

A shill may also act to discredit opponents or critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest through character assassination or other means. Given the definitions please explain how my questions or any of the questions asked by users with negative experiences places them in the category of a Troll or Shill. Why do you think I need to learn about trolls & shills? Q4: Are you so lonely that you live on this site and sit in judgement of others?

A4: (i) I don't live on this site or any other. Please explain why you think I am lonely & live on this site since I have only asked a few questions? ii) I made no judgements of others. Where did you read anything I wrote that judges others?

Your conclusions would appear that your reading comprehension and reasoning skills are very poor. Q5: Why do you pretend to know so much about 800notes when in reality you do not? A5: I am not pretending to know anything. What I know is based upon my own experience.

Why do you think I am pretending? Please reread your note.

Your response to my questions clearly puts you in the category of a Troll based on definition. I am not holding my breath expecting you to respond with anything logical or mature since it seems it is much easier for you to flame someone with speculation, innuendo, and plain BullShxt in a disrespectful & immature manner = aka Troll.

to Anonymous #1227645

Anonymous from Sacramento, CA ' s response to the post is a good example of how some moderators / registered users / helpers at 800notes respond to posts they don't like or agree.

This type of response is childish, immature & disrespectful and would never be allowed in any professional organization.

Especially customer support! People at my company would be fired for this type of response to a disgruntled customer.

What happened to professionalism, respect & dignity?

People have the right to complain. And a response should be made with professionalism, respect & dignity.

to BusinessOwner #1227648

And you again? Making the same post on every one of these reviews. You talk about respect-why should trolls be respected-especially if they come and rant because they got nailed due to their OWN actions?

to Anonymous #1227681

Why are you posting (trolling) every comment someone makes, this is a clear example of how people over at 800notes treats anyone who tries to be involved in helping others.

I too have been there and quite frankly , i've found post numbers that are incorrect and people just keep posting incorrect information.

I too find some numbers very hard to sort through and simply give up. I just move on to another site to find information.

If you are from 800notes, why do you allow so many troll posts when some are made up and its as plain as the nose on my face they arent even realistic. One was a guy who said he won $500,000 from PCH and it didnt take a genius or even an uneducated person to know it was a fake!

Simple common sense would tell anyone a person who won that wouldnt take the time to go brag at 800notes.....

to Anonymous #1227684

Why would you not support professionalism, respect & dignity?

The argument posed from "Anonymous to BusinessOwner" is poorly written. The illogical conclusions are nothing more that supposition/opinion/feeling & contain no supporting facts.

Why is everyone that has a negative experience a troll?

Try to be specific and please support your argument with facts - not jsut opinion, speculation, etc.

to BusinessOwner #1228078

why would anyone disagree with your comments?

If they disagree they clearly are immature trouble makers.

to Anonymous #1227677

I've visited that 800notes site and while looking for a number i seen screen names in blue giving people a hard time for posting fake posts and called them shills. Instead of deleting those posts, why did those posts remain, along with the many posts belittling them from the names in blue?

You have demonstrated here that you are a troll, posting so many negative replies, similar to those at the 800notes site that are still there.

Some are several years old and remain.

I read the posting review '800notes - Poor moderation or help' and i'm guessing your "AnonMouse" who commented similar troll posts?

It seems you and your friends have control issues in posting what you only want to see and use 800notes as a playground for your own amusement.



to Anonymous #1228125

1) Why do you care what someone posts here?

2) Why do you call the poster a troll (by definition - doing so makes you a troll)

3) Why should the posters review be disregarded?

4) Are you a moderator at

5) Can you provide a logical argument for each question?

to Anonymous #1230532

Unprofessional, rude, disrespectful, name calling & know it all behavior has no value, is destructive, divisive and creates more problems than it solves.

Be the change you wish to see!

to ThoughsWordsActionDestiny #1244895

To ThoughsWordsActionDestiny

Wow... Someone actually disagreed with your comments?

Sign of the times lots of Losers protecting their little egos!

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