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Several instances of BigA belittling legitimate posters. I replied once and asked him why he does that.

When I checked back the next day to see his reply, I had received 7 thumbs down votes. And he had replied it was in order to keep shills like me from posting. That reply earned him 11 thumbs up votes. My rebuttal to that was deleted.

I'm not some anonymous poster there, nor am I a shill. I am a registered user, and have been for 3 years. Also, every time I mention the Digit One call blocker, that post gets deleted.

Read through the TOS, and I don't see where that is prohibited. The TOS does say that the forum is not moderated, so he is not a moderator, but apparently carries a big stick.

Review about: 800notes Forum.

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Well, now I see its the person posting all week there to try creating drama to post about here. Same old troll, never learns.


You seem to have left a lot of information out of your story. I went and searched "Digit One call blocker" on that site and found numerous posts on it, some with very detailed info on its usage.


"IF" your posts were removed, it wasn't for "mentioning" it, perhaps your post was shilling or advertising about it. Since your claiming there is no posts to show, we have ONLY your word that it ever happened.

If your a registered user there of 3 years, why didn't you take this up with the Administration there, instead of posting your disappointments of that one person here? Surely after 3 years there you would know who BigA is and that adds to the mystery of why you chose to complain about just that one person or what your review is really about.


An example of how the 800notes moderator trolls / drama queens work can be seen on the forum thread "666 Prefix". A poster Chris makes an entry specific to 666 Prefix then the moderator trolls start dissecting his comment with all it's supposed failures.

Another poster DrMike makes a comment about how posters use google search to find threads on 800notes (that is true) and of course he now is the troll DR Mike / Chris as noted by the emotional moderator trolls. Btw, if you do a google search "666 prefix" the forum thread does show up on google first page.!

you can't fix stupid 800notes! Wonder when the PMA'er will step in removing unwanted posts that challenge their moderator trolls?

to Terri #1406698

That is a great illustration of how a "career" troll will go the extra mile to try causing disruptions there, then go try making a pointless point elsewhere to discredit that site.

Teri IS Chris/DrMike and only posted on 800notes to give him/her self some material to write a phony complaint here about it.

Why would anyone suddenly post a random number with the 666 prefix in a thread that has not had a post in 3 years, when there was other more informative information about the 666 prefix in those same search results?

Answer: They wouldn't and haven't in 3 years! Only someone who frequents 800notes and knew it would bring a response over posting in a dead thread would .


"....I replied once and asked him why he does that....."

Perhaps its because of troll posters like this towards him trying to be helpful:



I'm not a fan of 800notes or their registered users (moderator trolls) cyber bullying posters with informational posts. But the worthless posts from the Digi, Sentry, NOMOROBO crowd and their associated posts as don't answer the phone and get a call blocker play into the hands of corrupt call center marketers and criminal callers.

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