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I don't believe this website is a real phone directory as advertised. I know its free, but it should still be what it claims to be.

I went there with the belief i could find information to help me with who called me.

Instead i find its just a site that people post whatever they feel like and the Members say one thing, then do what they tell people their not doing. I can't say i find this to be a reliable site for information on calls, rather a place to vent peoples frustrations on unwanted calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: 800notes Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hacienda Heights, California, United States #1314281

I read that same thing, but I think its a troll they are talking to in that image the reviewer posted. I read that trolls like to challenge those Mods there and I guess its difficult to know if someone is argumentative, on if they are a troll causing trouble or not.

Redwood City, California, United States #1258748

I did not take anything out of context as someone below suggested. Read what they said!

There are writings all over that site just like that and a person doesn't get to report what they expressed about their call unless these rogue regulars decide if your story stays or not.

Its not a phone directory for unknown calls, its a collection of selective stories of bad calls chosen by these rogue regulars.

Many of the reported calls just don't even make sense, so i cant understand what this is even supposed to be for.

Its certainly not about who called me, because after reading 6 pages of worthless stories, i still don't know who called me from a number.

to My Review #1258802

Agreed! The only words that apply to the 800notes moderators are useless, worthless, and clueless.

Seldom offer real information but they sure do know their spelling and grammar lessons to offer up guidance.

I wish for all tele-scammers to stop calling me! State and federal Do Not Call Registries are also useless, worthless, and clueless!

to Tonto Houston, Texas, United States #1290339

I *** therefore I am.

Golden, Colorado, United States #1257982

obviously taken out of context

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1258205

I don't see how it could be taken out of context, look at what was said on that page you provided (thanks by the way) and you can clearly see the Ismellascam asked ["Exactly how do the regulars troll the threads and make uninformed statements? Do you have any facts to back your claim?"], then provided the "facts that back the claim" by insulting the poster with "tinfoil hat" references, something the regulars say as an insult to people who they make fun of.



I could go on and fill a page with links to more, so please dont tell us its taken out of context, as the OP is right on the money!

to Anonymous Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, United States #1258411

Its obviously self explanatory and even more convincing with the link you provided.

to Anonymous #1258620

Not too brite, are you? Thats the problem with you people over there, you dont understand what people are saying because you dont read what they say.

to Anonymous Robinson, Illinois, United States #1258944

Put your big boy pants on and deal with it. You lose again.

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