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These people from 800notes are troublemakers!They stalk review sites, post a bunch of nonsense and then brag about it in their forums.

The last 2 reviews are filled with them posting like kids pulling a prank and then tell lies about Pissedconsumer too!Look at the "votes" they are so fond of using like a score chart.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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I heard the weirdo with Asperger's posting 100's of comments about Deleted Media & Coprophilia was a spurned lover.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1294347

I really hope people dont think I'm jealous.

Goeteborg, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden #1294103

I really hope all of my fake reviews disappear.

Norcross, Georgia, United States #1293568

Are all of those 800note wacko nutjobs Trekkies?

I see they use names from Star Trek a lot.

....do they think the internet is just a fantasy world?

Is that why they all play strange games at 800notes?

Houston, Texas, United States #1291860

Would like to see Martha McSally added to that list!

So much for “clean elections”!

We have received a death threat from one of Martha Mcsally’s possible political robo-calling thug campaign members.

The threat was in response to reporting on Martha McSally’s constant political robo-call abuse of the elderly, and their homes. Virtually every robo-call siezes the line so no calls can be made out in an emergency. They have no conscience, nor concern about violating FCC regulations robo-abusing elderly homes.

to ChristopherPike Houston, Texas, United States #1291982

Is this the sort of fabrications that go on at 800notes?

to ChristopherPike Norcross, Georgia, United States #1292013

Are you insane?Is your tin foil hat too tight?

What type of *** would post such a thing on the Internet.You need help

to Tred Chicago, Illinois, United States #1292321

Tred and DeletedMedia are actually being mimicked by BigA/B-Edwards and Yoda1725 moderators from 800notes.

So every time you see these names posting nonsense, you know where they are originating from

Drummondville, Quebec, Canada #1290541

All of you people posting garbage should be put on a boat, sent to the middleof the Pacific and then sink the boat!

to Anonymous Canc, Quintana Roo, Mexico #1290582

I think they already had that done to them and they found their way up thru a toilet at a gas station.

They are now human centipede experts and omg do they stink! We kicked 'em outta Mexico cause they ate so many burritos and tacos with corn/peanuts mixed in.

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