Update by user Mar 14, 2017

I found I was simply misunderstood about what I posted and that I was incorrect in my original assumptions. The site is in fact a good site and it is constantly harassed by a very persistent Troll, looking to cause any disruption for attention.

I am the author of 800NUTS and redesigned it to reflect the truth.

Original review posted by user Oct 19, 2016

I was reading around this site and found some disturbing reviews/comments from 800notes Users/Mods.

I came across this review:


I remembered seeing the name "Freddy Fazbear's" at 800notes while searching numbers.

I commented to the review and went to 800notes to see the posts there again.

I found the correct info for that business and posted about it. In 17 mins, my post was deleted! I've read other reviews for 800notes here and it doesnt make sense why they are behaving like this. -Is any of the information from them real? -Why do they allow such mis-information to continue, even after its been pointed out to them? -Why do they remove the true information, once its shown to be true? Based on what i've read here and my own experience with them , i can believe they are deceptive. I took screenshots to as proof, as they seem to keep asking people to "prove it".

Product or Service Mentioned: 800notes Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: No interest in understanding, Displays of false information, Removal of factual information.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1314629

".......BeanTown said:

no one cares about 800NoNuts

Please stop with the obsessive garbage posts about the ghost troll your after - no one cares!!!! ...."


Unless your referring to yourself as "no one", then you are wrong because you DO care and continue trolling about it. You pretend someone else is trolling, but you are in fact the very same "ghost troll" your talking about!


no one cares about 800NoNuts

Please stop with the obsessive garbage posts about the ghost troll your after - no one cares!!!!

Moderators username Micrometer in addition to watcanyado & deletedmedia is the author of 800nuts please flag and delete all of there posts as he/she is attempting to promote his/her site.


What irony, that fazz bear story is about as real as 800notes is.....lol

San Jose, California, United States #1249814

The Freddy Fazz Bear thing is a cooked up phony story from a dumb game. Those 800notes regulars are basement dwelling gamers.

They posted a 'troll vs 800troll ' fight on 800notes and here.

This is the kind of people running 800notes now, kiddo gamers who dont like to lose at anything, including something as simple as who owns a phone number or why someone called. So thats why you find troll battles all over 800notes and the scars of those battles are reflected by posts in 'post pending moderation approval' and the regulars replying to posts that no longer exist.

to Jose #1251438

Your comment might seem reasonable on its own had you not created nearly a dozen similar psychotic 'complaints' with countless upvotes here, just because some internet guys kicked you from their silly forum. I'm picturing a guy who looks like a hefty version of Newman on the tv series Seinfeld.

to Anonymous Manhattan, New York, United States #1251463

Repeating that same tired old story , doesn't make it true. What it does do is show everyone that YOU are the one obsessed with what people say and make up your own stories to discredit anything negative to 800notes.

Its what gives you a reason to troll here, provoking a response in the hope your buddies come to mark each others comment and then get mad because people voted negative for your comment, but positive for others.

You 800note tards love that voting thing a bit too much.

No, your not picturing anyone, your merely looking in a mirror.

to Suomynona #1251475

Thank you for highlighting my point so promptly and effectively, crazydude.

to Suomynona Manhattan, New York, United States #1251485


If your point was to insult yourself, then it appears we are both on the same page !

to Suomynona Norcross, Georgia, United States #1251511

Anonymous (crazydude) seems dazed & confused, uncertain of where he is i supposed. Long term exposure to a damp, moldy basement can have that affect.


One more thought- around here we have been having scammers call with "free" cruises using legitimate phone numbers that belong to real people who have no idea that their numbers are being used as a caller id number. When I get a call from a number that seems legitimate I call it back with my number blocked and the folks I reached had no idea that scammers were using their number as a caller ID.

Read posts on 800 notes and you will discover that people have received calls from scammers using their own number as a caller id. So a legitimate business could have it's number being used by a telemarketer without their knowledge.

to jeff #1235095

Jeff, you sound like a Mod {shill} from 800notes doing "damage control". That site is riddled with so many false posts, its so difficult to know who posted truthful information or not.


If i'm looking to find out who called a number, reading "its a scam" then in the same thread reading "it was my bank reminding me...", then reading thru a troll battle over the bank post, kind of loses any validity of the report people made.


Simply stating "its a Bank's number, but scammers spoof it to make scam calls" is more than enough info to inform who might have called.

Those registered trolls make up fake stories as well and we can see from the author of this Review its true.

That post is known by them as fake, but why else keep it but to deceive people from the truth. Not a very reputable source for accurate Phone Directory information.


That's weird. Nobody posts reviews on 800 notes or at least that isn't the purpose of the website.

It has provided me with much good information about the over 300 calls I've received from scammers and telemarketers in spite of being on the DNC list.

Always check when another spoofed number calls and get good info on the caller. It is annoying when posters quibble back and forth but for the most part it's good and useful info.

to jeff Houston, Texas, United States #1243524

How could you know what a number IS FOR if a troll posts the EXACT SAME info into 20 number threads? The people there do not know if its a real call complaint for those 20 numbers or if its a troll just posting to be , well, a troll!

There is NO WAY anyone could say with any certainty why a caller called them, other than who the true owner of the number belongs to. I can do more here by posting this simple statement and cover ALL those numbers:


" Anyone can SPOOF a phone number and the call you received MIGHT NOT be from the number its been assigned to by its Phone Service Provider".

The 800notes website is merely a place to rant about unwanted calls, nothing more.

Its NOT a phone directory where you can find info on a Business owner, as it states right on its main page.

. A TRUE phone directory will be one that people can RELY on for who the number ACTUALLY belongs to and make an informed decision if its a scam, telemarketer or debt collector calling if it wasnt the owner who called. The true owner should be at the top of the thread once its known.

Then all the others wont matter if they are true or not, but still be somewhat useful.

. All that site does is attract disgruntled and angry people like a magnet, its a wonder you can find anything of importance there at all.

to jeff Ding Dong, Texas, United States #1250875

Try actually reading the review! He didn't say anyone posted a review at 800notes.


Its kinda cute you think its a real place in PA. You must be an older person.

I'm sorry to say the trolls are right about it not being a real place, as it is a setting from a game. That website is probably someones idea of a joke, read the menu & reviews parts.

But whether or not the FFPizza is real or fake isn't important, you did prove a valid point about 800notes practices of deceiving people. They demonstrated here and elsewhere on pissedconsumers.com how they are the true trolls posting to mislead people of the truth.

You made your point, i'd let it be. These type of people only encourage more troll posting by baiting gullible people like yourself, so save yourself the headache and quit while your ahead.


You posted truthful information on an imaginary business from a video game? What exactly was that "truthful information" since you seem to be challenged in posting screen shots that you allege represent your posts, but no one can read them?

to Anonymous Shelburne, Vermont, United States #1229446

Its not an "imaginary business from a video game", it is in fact a REAL place. [Address - 210 Main St Hartstown, PA 16131] -

[website - freddy-fazbears-pizza.letseat.at] -

[Phone - 8146790020] -

What i posted that got deleted (since you cant read) is: :

>>>Fact Finder -

This is not realistic posts for this number.

They would not go around and call people as everyone here has claimed from this number. The real Freddy Fazbear's Pizza number is 814-679-0020.....a Google search will confirm.

to Anonymous Midland, Ontario, Canada #1250865

Always questioning those images, aintcha? So the author believed it was real, so whats your point, besides being a 800notes bully?


Sad little troll who keeps spamming 800notes and this site with other fake reviews has been busted.

to Anonymous Shelburne, Vermont, United States #1229448

.....continued from above......... .


Now even you Anonmouse can follow that with the screenshot!

That entire thread is all nonsense posts, only fools would keep it. ....and you keep claiming its not a real place, so WHY are all those posts still on 800notes for a year? You 800notes mods just continue to under-estimate the intelligence of others and appear blind to reality......tsk...tsk....tsk!


DECEPTION going on over there. Misleading posts, lies told by staff, random fake popup ads with adware/spyware........

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