800notes.com has not been honest with everyone. It has come to our attention that they have a hidden, private section buried within their normal forum which is used to spy on those not in the group, talk about other users and dish the dirt on anyone not considered a regular contributor to their website.

We don't know how long its been here but we were able to gain some access at least for now to see what they are talking about.

For a website that promotes the desire to thwart scammers and bad guys, its a bit shocking to see they clearly don't trust normal users and visitors either. You might want to watch what you say here.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1289474

And why does THIS WEBSITE filter comments? Unbelievable!

to Snyper1 #1289554

Because cyberstalking trolls from 800notes post nonsense to confuse visitors.


Most all message board type websites have a forum reserved just for registered members. But 800notes has multiple forums for different levels of registered members, one everyone can see, one for the 'helpers' to inform each other of a potential person needing a helping hand.

One for the 'senior' registered members who monitor things for (what they call "damage control") scammers or shills. Its this group that go overboard on what they want seen and determine who gets a post removed or gets a troll gang beating to belittle them. Many of these are simply trolls who never contribute anything other than giving someone the cyber bully treatment.

The last group is the full Moderator/Admin who determine if its worth deleting the post(s), ban IP and server domains, or just ignore the ppma and trolls/shills.

The problem with that site is each group seems to have its own agenda on what the site should be about and there lies the issue in who's not doing it right or who's not putting enough care into the people who visit. I've seen several arguments right in an open thread that remained for sometime, until an admin/mod deleted them.

Wilton, Connecticut, United States #1246624

I registered with 800notes early last year and cannot find this alleged forum you are talking about.

to RJ-RadioWavez Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1246821

Its over 'yonder'....... :o)

to RJ-RadioWavez Sanford, Maine, United States #1249820

im a regular and i cannot find the forum either

to JeepSux Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands #1249823

You wont either, unless your "invited" by a senior member.

to Fitz #1249826

True, you may be a registered "regular" poster on 800notes and even 800auxiliary but still not part of the "regulars." That's why you can have a CelticDragon/therealseriously® who is no smarter than a brick. Seldom offers information and is just an antagonistic ***.

to Fitz Sanford, Maine, United States #1249972

how to get invited?

to Fitz Winter Park, Florida, United States #1250664

As in senior citizen?

to Fitz Matei, Northern Division, Fiji #1250686

Yea Klio, senior citizen members.... haha....ha....yawn....Zzz.

to Fitz Sanford, Maine, United States #1250748

however i have access to the private part of 800auxiliary so i dont understand how you can get access to the 800notes private part

to Fitz Aliso Viejo, California, United States #1250768

@JeepSux "....i have access to the private part of 800auxiliary..."

Umm....suuuure you do!

to JeepSux Portland, Oregon, United States #1253410

I've never seen you there...

to Who R U Sanford, Maine, United States #1253615

i use a different username on 800aux then that i use on this website

to Who R U San Jose, California, United States #1270370

We are weary of you Tred......

to RJ-RadioWavez San Antonio, Texas, United States #1249912

Be glad you can't. Unregistered regulars aren't the only ones they target for their self amusements. If your not 'trollish' enough, you dont get into the SuperTroll® Bully level .

to RJ-RadioWavez Aliso Viejo, California, United States #1250765

Hmm.....IcedCoffee , RJ-RadioWavez , JeepSux or whatever screen name you prefer, your hook is rusty and the bait is no good. You'll never catch anything with that!

to RJ-RadioWavez Glassboro, New Jersey, United States #1274601

Its simply a deleted post of the OP who posted the title. The thread is still accessible if you bookmarked it before deleting it.

Then you could give it to whomever. Privileged regulars can see those deleted threads from the listing, but others cant.


agreed. the comments below support your claim!

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