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When information about who called is unavailable this site provides some value of who may be calling.

However if you decide to contribute & post information, beware of the "registered users" /"regulars" that troll the site like a pack of school yard bullies looking for a fight.

Sadly these Users/Trolls attack any post they don't understand & often will make nasty disparaging comments about you & your post if they don't like it. These regulars and their comments provide no value.

Often time other Trolls/Registered Users will gang up on someone posting information like a bunch of Cyber-thugs as they cheer each other on.

Their comments never seek to understand & provide little to Zero Value. They also have the power to hide your comments if they don’t like them.

Sadly the site has not "Rules of Conduct" to address and deal with this behavior.

PLEASE NOTE 800 notes does nothing to stop the scammers, robocalls, harassing callers, Tech Support Scams, etc...

if you want these to stop you must start to report these callers to the

1) FTC -

2) IRS Scams -

3) Phone companies of callers - ( make sure call is not spoofed if so block number) & REPORT the activity to the carrier! Find the carries here……

a. Find the phone company at

b. If an 800 number

4) Block these callers

a. Use your phones capabilities or

b. Use and App like True Caller to block & report to others scammers, robocalls, harassing callers, Tech Support Scams, etc...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Know it all behavior, Cyber-bully registered users, Abusive registered users.

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Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1270929

800 notes is a useless site. They have people (registered users)trolling the site that remove what content they don't like.

They also send derogatory comments to the poster after they remove them from their site.

Nothing more than trolls with no life.

to Anonymous Fleming Island, Florida, United States #1271216

Most people are smart enough to see its only a site for ranting about unwanted callers. Nobody goes there for an education , they just look to see who called and soon see its just a bunch of trolls and eventually leave...or stay to join in on the troll fest.


Having experienced the same thing for just trying to be helpful, i sympathize with you. The sad truth about their TOS is its just for disclaimer purposes and has no real meaning to them, so any Code of Conduct would not have been followed or enforced had it existed anyway.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #1221806

The above post was made by someone who used the screen name "Norman" the other day. It has no reading comprehension so therefore couldn't figure out the TOS, even though it was pointed out to it several times, with links provided.

It came there with the express purpose of being a Troll, and has continued that behavior here as well.

The people it wants to degrade as "regulars" post those links and offer excellent advice on a variety of subjects such as debt collection, survey calls, telemarketing calls, and of course the IRS scams as well. Perhaps "Norman" should have taken the time to actually read posts by others instead of attacking and denigrating the people that are there to help?

I would invite this person who wrote the above post to point out these so called posts that it made over at 800notes, and along with it any "thank-you" posts it received for the help it alleges that it provided.

to Anonymous #1225989

how do you know this? do you have the IP addresses from and as well as the MAC address of the device?

Sounds like sour grapes for some one outing your bad behavior!

to Anonymous Durham, North Carolina, United States #1227624

Are you going to provide proof of your claim and statement?

Please be accurate and specific to the points you make.

to Anonymous #1247852

You 800notes trolls are so disrespectful towards anyone not following your mindset and call people "it" when talking about them.

Maybe you should point out those posts your talking about, thats if they still exist. Baiting people and calling them 'IT' isn't a behavior expected from a reputable site, such a terrible place to visit filled with mean people.

to Anonymous #1251440

Some of the stuff this guy posts suggests to me that he may be some sort of eastern european ESL type (think: Borat). Still, it's funny to watch.

to Anonymous Manhattan, New York, United States #1251466

Trolling is all you know how to do. How sad :(

to Anonymous #1251528

BigA! PA huh?

I've seen your comments about how many "thank you" posts received compared to every other poster trying to post a helpful post.

Normally it's after some paranoid rant degrading other posters. You're more of a PIA than a helpful poster!


The only thing with 'zero value' is your trollish post. You got nailed by one of the regulars and want to mouth off


Had you taken the time to read before ranting, you would have noticed the opening of 800notes - "800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP database built by you, the consumer. Please point out where AS YOU CLAIM - 800notes is a call blocker (your paragraph 7).

You also state (your paragraph 6) that "sadly the site has "not" rules of conduct..." I guess you also missed the Terms Of Service link at the bottom of the opening page.

Obviously you have/had a problem with 800notes--- care to be more specific - or you just an angry troll.

It is also interesting that most of the information you give at the end of your post has been available on 800notes for a long time on 800notes.

I, unlike you - I post my 800notes ID - AlertO-Shill. Why didn't you post yours since you, claim to know so much about the site???

to AlertO-shill New York, New York, United States #1225948

I checked out the "Terms Of Service" (TOS) and saw no mention of a "Code of Conduct" (COC) or anything that refers to acting honorably or treating each other with respect. does not have a "Code of Conduct" (COC) !

to PhD Psych Student Durham, North Carolina, United States #1227634

I agree there is NO "Code of Conduct" posted at 800notes and the "Terms Of Service" does not really address what would be considered a code of conduct.

It seems the volunteer helpers/registered users at 800 notes don't understand, that as moderators (Leaders, Parents, & Mature adults) they must behave with dignity & respect when encountering problems. Just as anyone with a job should behave when encountering a problem.

If you look at the forums an immature puerile clubhouse behavior prevails.

I suspect they don't have any formal training in problem resolution as the posts to this site 800notes.pissedconsumer reflect.

Sadly the faceless internet has allowed bullies to flourish since they can hide, remain faceless and uncountable.

I can only imagine how these people conduct themselves in "real life".

Leadership at 800notes is either out to lunch on this topic or they just don't care. Most real companies & mature people do not allow or tolerate bullies or immature conduct and it stopped quickly in a mature and manner if it occurs .

to PhD Psych Student #1247617

The TOS lists what I consider a COC under the Contribution of Content.

to AlertO-shill #1227706

Is that you Slim?

You sound exactly like her postings in 800notes, always asking for proof of who?, why?, where?, a detective or investigator.

Visitors to that site shouldnt be treated like a criminal just because you dont fully read or understand their post.

Word to the wise....STAY Away from there unless your only viewing a number, even then good luck on its acurracy. ;)

to AlertO-shill #1228447

You purposely chose the name ' AlertO-shill '...?!

Sounds like you intended to go hunting down shills for a reason.

Once you discover a shill post and confirm it is a shill, do you:

A}- delete it .

B}- post 'Shill Alert', call your buddies and beat up on him until he moves on to a new shill posting. .

C}- report it and let someone else deal with it .

. I'm gonna go ahead and guess its B with a name like that.

to Micrometer #1266486

AlertO-shill may be the poster MJG, but the Shill Alert poster may be DM1 who also likes to post and answer as ...., tygerkat may be Elspeth. All like to mouth off with alternate screen names.

In the past they used forum threads to alert the gang to bully up on posters. With the new changes at 800notes on the home page it appears they have there own internal system to alert each other to bully up.

to John Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1266556

None of your assumptions are true. Thanks for proving you have no idea what you are talking about.

to John #1266562

Yea Right! Just do a 800notes search DM1 Shill Alert, and see the results for yourself.

The rest is just observations. Stuff like when TheRealSeriously® aka CelticDragon and B-Edwards aka yef get in a altercation with some poster there's nothing but PMA's left on a thread.

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