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Many if not all of Positive reviews here for 800notes can be considered nothing more than Shilling. If you like a service, would you go out of your way to find a website where people are posting negative/bad experiences? Not likely. The only reason anyone would do this is to attempt - to discredit their critics, cover up their bad behavior & self promote. - aka Shilling. A shill, also know as a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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I'ce had nothing but good experiences!

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I'm amazed at how much effort those Mods put into trying to "counter act" a review made by someone who had a poor experience there. They act just the same here towards anyone who they didn't like what was posted, treating them the same here as they do there! _ Do they even understand how others 'view them', when they act out the part of the very same thing they complain about? They can only reference what the behavior of... Read more

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800notes regulars deleting all my posts
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The posse over at 800notes who claim to be regulars are generally bullies and won't let a single post they feel not worthy of being published to be posted. Meanwhile they have a private section devoted to their own where they talk about non-members with impunity. Thanks to my two geek friends for this ***, I can provide some of what they like to keep private and will publish more in the future or show others how to view this members only part... Read more

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I see people being called idiots by posters and being given +'s I see another registered member telling posters they should be nuked for posting in an older thread. more +'s When what? asked why name calling was allowed or a poster should be nuked another registered poster said is wasn't right but it was left up. what? got -'s. what? said is was not fair or rational and was going to report. understand why 800notes is getting bad reviews they are... Read more

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Overall an excellent service for identifying suspicious phone numbers, especially for identifying bill collectors, telemarketers violating the DNC and out-and-out fraud calls such at fraudulent "IRS Scam" calls. The one down side is in the last couple of years a snarky clique of "registered users" have pretty much taken over the forums and use it as their personal message board, and frequently insult and denigrate posters with honest... Read more

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800notes - Deletes truthful posts, keeps  false posts
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I was reading around this site and found some disturbing reviews/comments from 800notes Users/Mods. I came across this review: I remembered seeing the name "Freddy Fazbear's" at 800notes while searching numbers. I commented to the review and went to 800notes to see the posts there again. I found the correct info for that business and posted about it. In... Read more

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  • Oct 18
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18062318844 october3 2016. Sexually explicit remarks. I want to find out who posted these lies!

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800 Notes is one of the best sites to get information on the spam, scams, illegal collection calls and ripoffs. Many shills will complain on 800 notes and apparently on here as well as shills but this site is a real source for real information instead of the lies and attempts to justify violating the Do Not Call list. 800 Notes is a Fantastic site that gives you the true scoop on what xyz numbers are being used by the scammers and rip off... Read more

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The registered users @ are bullies who only post to entertain themselves and occasionally toss in some important info, self-justifying for posting at all. Instead of clearing out unwanted posts, they would rather bait people into an argument so they can each take turns marking your post with negative likes [-1] at the same time pat each other on the butt with a [+1], all the while the thread fills up with useless garbage , mostly... Read more

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