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800notes - Deletes truthful posts, keeps  false posts
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I was reading around this site and found some disturbing reviews/comments from 800notes Users/Mods. I came across this review: I remembered seeing the name "Freddy Fazbear's" at 800notes while searching numbers. I commented to the review and went to 800notes to see the posts there again. I found the correct info for that business and posted about it. In... Read more

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  • Oct 18
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18062318844 october3 2016. Sexually explicit remarks. I want to find out who posted these lies!

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800 Notes is one of the best sites to get information on the spam, scams, illegal collection calls and ripoffs. Many shills will complain on 800 notes and apparently on here as well as shills but this site is a real source for real information instead of the lies and attempts to justify violating the Do Not Call list. 800 Notes is a Fantastic site that gives you the true scoop on what xyz numbers are being used by the scammers and rip off... Read more

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I dont normally use IE (no Ad Blocker), but i didnt have my laptop this time. I go to 800notes often to report bad call numbers. We get them 3 times a week. Today i went, reported a number and closed the window to the site. 800notes was the only window open and should have closed IE when i closed out of 800notes. But instead an Adobe site opens with a flash player update download. I chose 'save' and the filename was a 7kb FlashPlayer.hta , which... Read more

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The registered users @ are bullies who only post to entertain themselves and occasionally toss in some important info, self-justifying for posting at all. Instead of clearing out unwanted posts, they would rather bait people into an argument so they can each take turns marking your post with negative likes [-1] at the same time pat each other on the butt with a [+1], all the while the thread fills up with useless garbage , mostly... Read more

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I made a report about a number and it was sent to moderation. I asked a question in the thread and a member answered it just fine. There was a second member "Slim" and she badgered me , not reading or understanding what i was concerned about. After posting back and forth, she labeled me a troll, even though i was only posting replies to her replies. She started flagging my posts an putting them into moderation, then leaving her comment as the... Read more

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  • Oct 04
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I have had nothing but good results using 800notes to find out about unknown numbers calling us. I also like that I can report a number easily on that site.

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When information about who called is unavailable this site provides some value of who may be calling. However if you decide to contribute & post information, beware of the "registered users" /"regulars" that troll the site like a pack of school yard bullies looking for a fight. Sadly these Users/Trolls attack any post they don't understand & often will make nasty disparaging comments about you & your post if they don't like it. These regulars... Read more

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A number of miscreant registered users ( BigA aka BigAss, TygerKat aka PussyCat, TheRealseriously aka therealstupid, Slim aka ImreallyFat, Ismellascam aka Ismellbad, & Heinz57 aka IgotfiredfromHeinz, are the perpetrators and display behavior congruent with many of the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Disrespect, anger, hostility, arrogance & aggression (cyber bullying) is the domain of those with low self-esteem and... Read more

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What the heck happened to one of the most important and useful sites on the internet? I use it almost daily to find out what scammer is calling me now. It has saved a lot of heart ache on my part and also friends and relatives. How else would I have learned about the official sounding message from the IRS scammers, among other evil callers? Please tell us what happened, then bring it back! This is one of largest sites on the internet and the... Read more

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