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800notes is a free website where you simply log in an unwanted call you received, to warn others not to answer the call. It can't harm anyone, or cost anyone anything. IT IS A GREAT SERVICE. Anyone who doesn't think so must be a scammer who uses the phone as a means to trick or intimidate people. This is the one true website to check out a number that hit your phone up but didn't leave a message. It is equally important to report these... Read more

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I received a call from this number "844-298-2385" claiming that they are calling from Microsoft but they sound like scammers i realized that while talking to them and when i asked about their location they were unable to provide real location of Microsoft the number was different the what the guy said ..its surely a SCAM guys be careful I received a call from this number "844-298-2385" claiming that they are calling from Microsoft but they... Read more

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  • May 21
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Best site out there for checking unknown numbers. Even being on DNC list, we get calls every day. 800notes rarely disappoints in providing info.

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It's amazing the *** people come up with about the site. There is no money loss as the site is FREE. The people that have the issues are scammers and spammers who have gotten nailed in one way or another for promoting their scams on the site. Then you have the trolls, who cause deliberate issues, then come here and whine that they got taken down. Ever stop to think that if that those who come here didn't do that, you wouldn't have issues? It's... Read more

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  • May 06
  • #842628

Love the freedom of writing what I want.

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800notes does not bother me BECAUSE I GET TO WRITE THE TRUTH AND I HAPPY WHEN PEOPLE READ IT AND GET PROTECTED THATS ALL I CARE ABOUT As for Julia forte she has a previous history with timeshare scam back in 2000 sometime to maybe 2010 look it up ON rip off REPORT so if she is a scam she has been at the trade for a while. you know practice makes perfect. WHY DO I HAVE ENTER A 100 WORDS I DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE TO SAY BUT IF YOU INSIST... Read more

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800notes is a great place to see if other people are getting unwanted phone calls, phone calls with no message left or scam type phone calls. When you type in the number on 800notes that you are investigating it shows a list of people who received that call without revealing their identity or their personal phone number. A great tool to know if the call you let go to voicemail was a possible scam or generic phone call from a company. Don't... Read more

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I was seeing what info on my number was out there and had submission durring times i was out in the woods working with no signal. These are false. There is no way i could have called anyone during those times. And they say I'm on Tapo st Simi Valley California which is weird it's a house. I have never lived in Simi Valley. But when i did live in cali i drove by there plenty of times. This place is a fraud. Juila Forte has alot more... Read more

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" scam Julie Forte " Google that and see what these *** are up to. I don't phone anyone who doesn't call me first. So why do the post lies about me? FRAUD SCAM THAT'S WHY!! Read more

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In what should be a boring forum, where people only talk about scammers and post links to the bad guys out there, we are very disturbed to find out that there is oddly ALOT of drama on the forums. Alot of deleted posts and posters trying to stir the pot, on what is really just a forum posting people's bad experiences with scammers. Alot of censorship when there should be none. Made up drama. We wish there was a DECENT site to out these... Read more

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